Scouting in Hitchin is run completely by volunteers to ensure that young people can enjoy as much fun and adventure as possible. However we still have many young people on waiting lists who want to join Scouting, but can’t because we don’t have enough volunteers to allow all the extra young people to join.

We don’t just need people to volunteer to help run weekly meetings. There are also plenty of support roles working behind the scenes. You could help with maintenance, assist with finances or record keeping, help with a badge of specific activity, provide training support or serve in our Scout Shop.

When you volunteer with us, you can give as much or as little time as you want, whether that's committing an hour or two to a weekly meeting, undertaking administration at home at a time which suits you, or attending on an occasional basis as time commitments allow.

There is a whole range of different volunteering opportunities available to you through Scouting. For example:

Leaders to work with young people at weekly meetings
Managers to lead and support teams of adults to deliver Scouting
Trustees to make sure property and resources are properly administered
Instructors to run a huge range of adventurous activities
Media and communications people to promote Scouting and improve our communication
Administrators to maintain finances, records and ensure policies and procedures are followed correctly
Training Managers to co-ordinate our comprehensive adult training programme

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